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Speech on the 20th Anniversary of the St. Kilda Short Film Festival

To Filmmakers
(short or long)

Let's say
you were watching a movie and someone next to you looks at his watch.
Do you know what time it is? You do, don't you?
It's difficult to be long in shorts.

If you can say something in short,
the only thing to keep you from doing so would be your dick.
And I am not excluding woman. They have one.
They just know how to hide it better.
So let me contain myself.

Just in case you hadn't noticed.
Australia is a RARE country.
Unique in vastness and size.
It harbours the most intense and incredible silence.
And I have hardly seen such
an enormous scope of stars.
And thank god, they are important, aren't they? Of course,
that's not all.

The continent further is home to some
ancient animals.
Their size, shape and form would give Walt Disney a wet dream.
And of course you have a few million Australians here and there.

I am here
to address the

need to inspire each other.
The world is a different place.
No one else will do it for them.
A simple gesture might go a long way.

As I wrote this speech it started to grow into 'David Lean-like' propotions.
On top on that me the 5th, and last speaker.
Enough already.
Picture speaks more than a thousand words.
So I cut myself SHORT. Swallowing most of the speech but still had some fun with the more than motivated audience.
(3,000 heads)

I told them that, if interested, they'd find
the rest of my scibblings
This is the longer version
and less contained.

The world of the FILMMAKERS is framed by pixels.
The chances to look into the eyes of the past, present or future aundience are
relatively few.
It is the point where we all start.
It is a great thing - on occasion - to touch base.

Each film is very much a shot in the dark.
It needs to find its mark
in the eye of the beholder.

Why under-estimate the audience?
Why over-estimate yourself?
For masturbation they will find a different channel.
But who are you trying to seduce?

Any audience may exists of 'dumb and dumbers'
and 'geniuses'.
You can't be that far off.
It's trigger-treat.
Devastating misconceptions are waiting for you.
And even scarier,
some deep understanding.
Address them and according to your wavelength.
They know your search.
They know it is lonely.
They may have found it already.
They love you.
Be kind and honest finding your own.
Remain close to it.
It is your

After you wrap your story on film
it lives its own reality.
Do it well and it will be
unique and RARE.

The volume of my career holds about a hundred pieces of work.
They were shot over a period of almost 35 years.
I have been successful and obscure
at the same time.
I welcome and celebrate each day.

At the moment I'm working on a miniseries called
SALEMS LOT. Playing a vampire. They are great characters because they are like trashcans full of crap.
On this occasion I had a small revelation. On the 4th day after flying here from LA I was shooting.

Slightly bothered by the jetlag and not quite there yet. But I
'nailed' the part. A few days later I just had to be on the set for some interview and pictures. Very easy work. Not that much pressure. As I arrived I had this sudden feeling.
It was hard to describe. And a little unsettling but pleasant. Deja-vu
The buzz of the crew. The many trucks and caravans parked like a circus. The weather. The landscape. Its smell. Why was it so unusual? This circus has been my home? Wasn't it? Yes, just like the first day.

This was my first day. As if nothing happened. The first day ever.
When I found the love which would change my life. The love for filmmaking. For the camera.
The love that has been there since then. The love that just won't quit.
I like making movies because they move me.

And they have moved me
here literally

FILMMAKERS of Australia.

Long, short. Skinny, fat & funny.
Your parents may have doubts about
you getting into this and tell you to at least get a boring job
so you can survive. They don't know that
this is it
and that
if you don't follow it
it will be much much worse.

Dear Future colleagues.

You are standing on the edge
of a very interesting time with
amazing new tools to give
you a helping hand.

Some of you will use them
and some may not get
to it at all.

You better wake up.
And be there.
This is your craft.
It owns you.

Make yourselves
are a delicious species.


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