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A Stream of Consciousness

before a 'Blade Runner' screening in Vancouver at the end of 1999


No doubt you remember the dove.
Every film is a bird. I do my part to make it fly. Are you with me. It's a playful offer. An invitation to a game of make-believe. A movietheater is one of the few free spirited playgrounds left.




Although selected films are under strange scrutiny.
I could talk about the unusual speed this event of goodwill came together.
I won't.


I could also tell you I was recently voted by a poll on the internet as the most stunning man in the world. And as you can see by yourself - it's true. (I wore 'sweats'!).


I could tell vanity is bliss but isn't all of this vanity anyway?


I could remember funny moments from the shoot. But I don't.


I could say: “Let me tell you about my mother.”
But Brion James is on a different planet.

I could tell something funnier - for instance: How wonderful it is to be recognized in the streets. By people everywhere.


And how it's just as pleasant not to be recognized by others.


How wonderful it is to realize that it's perfectly acceptable to be misunderstood.


I could tell you that
I've seen things you people
wouldn't believe.


I will tell you about two things
before we roll the film.
About what I love.


This is what I
This is my playground.
This is where you and I become one.
Although not quite.
Between projections - yours and mine -
joined through the ultimate illusion.
An 18-year old film about the future.
I test my skills by doing what I do.
You are testing yours by watching.

I love the press for not being part of this.

I love you for not being able to stay away.

You made BLADE RUNNER's success
as it remains today.

¤ ¤ ¤


¤ ¤ ¤

This is where the story originated and ultimately ends. In my opinion, Mr.DECKARD loses himself by deciding to fly into sunset oblivion with his new found “pretty looking” program. Even from beyond ROY's death I'd like to scream after him:


Why droll into this Hollywood heehaa me-me-me-culture. What a phoney and typical Hollywood faked happy ending. WAKE-UP vibratorgods&goddesses!

I remember shooting BLADE RUNNER like yesterday. Let me tell you about ROY and show you where he lives/lived (did he ever).

¤ ¤ ¤


¤ ¤ ¤

travel upwards through the spine of TYRELL's glass pyramidshaped building, the elevator comes to an automatic security stop.

THE NEXUS SIX maker asks for an explanation for a visit at such a late hour. SEBASTIAN explains he has found a new chess move. TYRELL doesn't hold much promise from his degenerating EX-DESIGN.

ROY whispers the chessmove into SEBASTIAN's ear.
TYRELL sounds condescending.
“Milk and cookies kept you awake?”
Unaware of this game's danger.
He is playing chess with his son - the NEXUS 6 mind.
Could he lose? YES! It takes just a few seconds.

The limited 4-year lifespan is ROY's motivation to swing by. After scrolling into a genetic dead-end street and a brief high-tech conversation with his MAKER it is clear that life extensions aren't available.

A NXS6 fuse blows.
After kissing him he kills his “FATHER”.

¤ ¤ ¤

Let me tell you about another scene which, because of time and money restrictions, was never shot. It would have been a better illustration of the “burning of ROY's fuse.”

It never made sense that a warrior of ROY's caliber would deem it necessary to kill SEBASTIAN who is nothing more than a pawn.

As it was,after the crushed skull of his “DR.TYRELL” had hit the deck, small chips and wirings were showing through its cracks. The circuits would start to buzz and rebuild themselves and it turns out this DR. TYRELL's version is another NEXUS 6, acting as a “double.”

Watching this proceeding knowingly, ROY turns to SEBASTIAN saying: “Now take me to the real man!”
They step back into the elevator and move up to the penthouse floor.
SEBASTIAN tells him no-one was ever supposed to know. It was the big secret.
As the elevatordoors open they reveal an empty space with a view of the surrounding city sky. In the middle of the shining floor rests a block of ice.
Almost the size of a small room. And in its centre the lonely frozen figure of the real TYRELL floats. SEBASTIAN tells ROY that he's been dead for almost four years!

It's so beautiful, sad and immediate.
Thinking about it still makes my hair stand up. Anyway.
Let's move on.
With the version as it was shot.

¤ ¤ ¤

As ROY travels back in the elevator to ground level he has SEBASTIAN's jacket over his arm indicating he may have killed him too.
Thoughts speed through his mind.
Of the son who loves his FATHER's works.
And why tears are not part of the program.
Why guilt is. And even mercy.

The sky above the elevator is filled with hundreds of stars. Such a beauty.

It used to be home. Now is he homeless, without a future and torn between heaven and earth?
What happened to the god of biomechanics?
Where is his mother?

He remembers telling PRIS:
“Then we will die,” but that was a joke. As he finds her lifeless body, a second fuse burns. Her tongue is sticking out of her mouth. He kisses her like a prince from an old fairytale. She would've liked that. Being snowwhite. He wraps his breath around her,pushes her tongue back with his own, and uses the paint of her toy-model-face like an American Indian warrior.
Thus she will travel with him until the final moment.

It's torture for his heart. The howling wolf won't bring her back. It just announces his presence.

To her killer.

This pathetic sample of the HUMAN race who has little respect for life, not even his own.

It's time to do
the tricks of NXS 6.

DECKARD tries to shoot him
but reaction and action happen simultaneously in NXS 6. So he misses. ROY warns him there is more to come by mocking a little children's rhyme

“One,two,buckle your shoe.”

then runs around in circles. Like a shark,a dog,a wolf.
Still howling. He has taken off his uniform. Ready for battle. Vulnerable.
As ROY sees DECKARD's loaded gun - right behind the wall - he punches a hole through it, disarms him and breaks two of his fingers.

By doing so he literally alters DECKARD's handicap, creating a new challenge. Why not fight like a man.
Mano a mano. Face the consequences.

“Aren't you supposed to be the 'good' man?”

But DECKARD's manly hood turns into fear.
He becomes its slave.
He now starts looking for an escape.

All it took was pain.

ROY needs a boost of energy.
His juices are starting to fade.He pushes a long nail through his hand.
They move up one floor.
Approaching the roof.

After ROY puts his head through the wall for fun, DECKARD seems to be stepping up to the plate and hits ROY with a two-by-four.

“That's the spirit.”

The last dance begins.
DECKARD gets onto the roof.
It's filled with dead wind generators.
Like a graveyard.
The streets are far below.
The only possibility is to jump to the next building.
If only he had wings.

ROY shows up. Celebrating the moment.
He even brought wings. A friend.
The white dove.
He radiates a serene form of being.
Another challenge for DECKARD not to be a slave of his fear.
“Aren't you supposed to be the good man?”

DECKARD makes a desperate attempt to jump to the other building but barely makes it and ends up hanging on the roof's ledge.
His fear has put him at the heart of the biggest fear of all. If he falls he will die. ROY jumps the space between the two buildings as well.
Light as a feather, and looms up over DECKARD.
Bird in one hand, nail in the other.

“That's what it feels like to be a slave?”

A slave of the police, his gun, his fear.
Why be afraid?

As DECKARD's hand slips, ROY's hand shoots out and grabs it.
In a demonstration of what heroes are made of, he saves him.
In his final words he observes the beauty of life.
Not just on earth but in other parts of the universe. As he mumbling announces his own destiny:

“ die”

time seems to stall.

The wings of the dove climb slowly into heaven and raindrops take a longer fall.


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