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His prolific career also includes the HBO production of 'Wedlock' and 'Blind Side' which were also released theatrically worldwide. Rutger has also produced several documentaries: 'Prosit Ermanno!' (based on Ermanno Olmi's making of 'The Legend of The Holy Drinker'), 'Who Are They?', (a view of the life of a homeless man) and 'Kill The Camera' (a look behind the making of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer').
Other film credits include 'Blind Fury', 'Salute of the Jugger', 'A Breed Apart', 'Surviving the Game', 'The Beans of Egypt, Maine', 'Mariette In Ecstasy' and TNT's 'Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight', opposite Diane Keaton.

The '90s saw Rutger looking for stranger, weirder subjects, always bearing in mind his refusal to be typecast in a defined role or character. More and more, he preferred to work with independent studios, where he could find more room to express his art without being shackled by the Hollywood rule of pouring big money in big productions which have to become big box-office hits, to the cost of art and freedom for new ideas and talent.
In 1992 "People" magazine, after a readers' poll, included him amongst the fifty sexiest men alive. In 1994, turning fifty, he received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the HBO film 'Fatherland'. Holland celebrated his 50th birthday with a retrospective on his most significant films and a long thorough interview/documentary entitled 'Acteur van Oranje'.

A passionate environmentalist, Rutger was in the front line of the fight to release Paul Watson, Greenpeace's co-founder and now president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Paul Watson was convicted in 1994 on the charge of sinking an illegal Norwegian whaling vessel.
The vessel was sunk in 1992 in protest against Norway's announced intention to return to the commercial slaughter of whales, despite the International Whaling Commission's global ban on whaling since 1986.

In 1995 the Dutch Mail Service issued a stamp portraying Rutger in one of his most-beloved, unforgettable movies - 'Turkish Delight' - in order to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Film Art.
An exciting period began, when he hired a new agent, Mrs Joan Hyler. In this period, he co-starred in the Jack London classic 'Call of the Wild' for Hallmark, HBO's 'Hostile Waters' and NBC's Hallmark presentation of 'Merlin' starring with Sam Neill, Isabella Rossellini and Helena Bonham Carter.

In April 1997 Rutger received the "Rembrandt" award in the Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam. This is the Dutch version of "The People's Choice" award.
After that, Rutger wrapped a co-starring role alongside Noah Taylor, Embeth Davidtz, Stuart Townsend and Ian Holm in the feature film, 'Simon Magus'. This film competed at last year's Berlin Film Festival and Karlovy Vary Film Festival and was also presented at the Sundance Film Festival this year, gathering praise from the international press. It also won the Sigtes International Film Festival award as Best Director. It was released in Great Britain in May and in the U.S. its release date is scheduled for the first months of 2001. Rutger portrays Count Albrecht, a gentle, poetry-reading Squire, opposite Taylor who plays 'Simon'.

Soon after this he co-starred in the NBC miniseries 'The Tenth Kingdom' re-teaming with Hallmark Entertainment and producer Robert Halmi Sr.
The fantasy saga which is based on an original screenplay from Emmy Award winning Simon Moore ("Gulliver's Travels"), tells the story of the Land of Nine Kingdoms, where an evil queen plans to usurp the throne from its rightful heir.

In April 1999 Rutger received the "Best Actor of the Century" award in the Netherlands, and was celebrated on Dutch television with a compilation of his films, aired non-stop for a whole day.
On the same occasion, 'Turkish Delight' and 'Soldier of Orange' were voted as the first and second "Best Films of the Century", respectively. A special "Gouden Kalf" award ceremony took place at the Utrecht Film Festival from September 22 to October 1. At the same time, the press defined him "still the most attractive man on Earth".

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