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London, April 20, 2004

After coming back from Italy I jumped right back into work. For many of their own reasons WARNER BROS are very cautious about releasing information about the progress 'Batman Begins' is making. I will keep it in mind while writing and can't argue with that. The project will probably take five years or so from start to finish. It's scary.

I was going to work today with Morgan Freeman who I think is one of the best colleagues to have, ever. Never met him. So the moment he arrived I grabbed and hugged him telling him what a pleasure I thought it was. He agreed. I had met Liam Neeson earlier on the day I had arrived a few weeks ago just before going into my first meeting with the director and getting the part. As I walked through the hotel corridor I literally bumped into him as he came out the door .I said, 'Hi Liam. Nice to meet you'. He said' yes, same here'. And I said we may be working together. He said. Great. Nice. Lovely.

He had just come back from Iceland and told me the director was wonderful. After Morgan and I rehearsed we did our little scene with smile behind teeth and eyes. Short and sweet but with many different angles. nI am still on the look-out for Gary Oldman. Never met him either. Just good to say hello.

Michael Caine knocked on the door of my trailer and stepped in. We embraced furiously and he was just as happy to see me as I was to see him. We worked in Kenya in pffft '75. What a nice man he is. Told him I was happy for him in the gem of a role he's playing. So it was a great heart warming day.

And what a great bunch to work with.


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