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Manila, April 24, 2005

After landing close to the shooting location we climb in a crappy vehicle which drags us and itself downhill over a path that is narrow, steep, very rocky and probably ancient. Clearing and a little bay where it seems that the Phillipino marines play rough in the same spot where tourist dwell when it is the season. Now a filmcrew has occupied this sand territory where the ocean surf is ever present. They all sweat and hang in the shades of the big trees crowning over them. A buch of shacks and tentlike set ups. "Mash" like look .Not a surprise.

Meet the director who is in his twenties. I meet Mark Dacascos with whom I worked before. Very warm. This will be his last day of shooting. Nice gentle men. We talk. My part is General Lewis. A man in high command and in some war-making trouble. I had taken the costume with me from LA and the stars which come with it are from a sergeant. Lol. Nothing to be done.

I mention that life in the field is messy sometimes. Who knows. Maybe his real coat got burned or shot. Or stolen. I put my mind into the "character" and what is on the page is so straight you can indeed put a bullit through it. His secret may be his wits rather than the hardware. They ask me to cut my hair. I'd love to. But can't grow it back that fast for the work in june.So I ask hair and makeup what they can make of it without doing the big cuts. They work on it and stick it under the capt's cap. I also had not shaved which we kept for a field look. The atmosphere is very relaxed in the wet 100 degrees. They have been shooting for a month already. I have a short scene to do and my entire work will take only a few days. And when I return to LA I will have spent 4 days of travel on some 11000miles. Pretty amazing and how unusual. We shoot three angles and after an hour it is a wrap for me. It was just so easy. Half the crew hugs me and want their pics taken. We wait and chat for luch which arrives a half hour later. Then I hop back on the small shiny blue chopper and we fly a detour over some of the coast and the near islands. A rough life.

Back in the city we crawl through its intense pollution from 2stroke engines to the hotel. :-) The next day is mine and I will write emails and ketch up lol . If the internet will obey my will. What a great day!


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