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Vancouver, August 1, 2003

Been quiet. Why? Been writing. Why? Been stuck mostly in my hotelroom. Just tiny excursions. I am a prisoner of papertissue. A terrible cold just is keeping me with a stuffed nose and relatively close to the toilet seat. Airplanes. Heat in studio first. Fans. In & out. On & Off. The airco/heat and sweaty wind. I've been there. Feeling better now. Getting over it. But the whales are weeping up north. I may not get to them.

I was given a brand new gold wing 1800 to kick ass with. From the Honda store in town. For free I mean, how good/terrible can things get. What a generous bonus. So you'll understand my grinding spot. I got out a few times. Not too long. Different kinds of jackets. What a great, comfortable, easy and smooth ride this thing is.

Visited my animal whispering ex-circus stuntman friend. Rode one of his two Frisian horses and kissed one as well. I promised my wife I would.

Saw a deer hanging out with the horses and cows. Played with the dogs. He has a 2 year old Jack Russell who is shy and set at my foot within seconds. The very big one played with me. I invited him. As dogs do. He loved it and accidently hooked one of his teeth on my nose. Then laid on his back, all 150 pounds to show he was sorry. Fun. I'm fine. Nothing make-up can't handle next week.

Watched the concert in Toronto on TV. It's just impossible to fathom. I know. Old songs. Good songs. Mick Jagger is such an amzing man. He is. Met him just once. Head on so clear and straight. Nice. Bright Fun. Some people hate him. Big deal .Not just because of age. He defies damn gravity, among other things. Remained where he started. Music. And origin. Takes a lot of courage.

Are we as original now. Damn musicsupermarket chewinggumcrap. What keeps us I wonder. Must admit 8mile was good. Saw it last night. I'll get on the bike now. Grrrr.


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