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Amsterdam, August 1, 2004

The airport of Amsterdam on a Sunday morning. It is one of the busiest days. My flight to Milan is delayed. I'm excited because I will edit the St*rfish Footage for a few days with an Italian editor who hardly speaks English. Another one of those interesting experiments in understanding.

I did manage to see one of the shorts I shot with the more than 30 young filmmakers on the Saturday before the celebration of the last day in Montecatini. We shot six shorts based on the same material which was a small poem one of you here had sent me in the past. A tough job because the words are so damn deep and raw and poetic. I did try one simple version myself that day but had to cut many of the lines because there is just no way to tackle those words on film. A different animal. One of the filmmakers there took it back to Hamburg and shot her own version. So interesting.

The other thing that is more exciting even is that I just payed a small 2-min visit on my way to the airport at DD'S new place. I was so happy to see that the Dutch Social System worked here. After her mother died she felt like moving. Her father needs more help than he can give. And she has enough on her plate. Dear Mrs P was still there giving a helping hand .The apartment she now lives in is brilliant and a lovely mess and DD just seemed so happy.They even use the paintbrush. The small documentary - which was made on her by a young filmschoolstudent - was rewarded twice but I hope we can finish it with some more stuff of DD herself. Maybe later in August.

Now I'll go catch my plane. Don't want to miss it.


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