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Baltimore, August 1, 2005

Sorry what was that again. I'm listening but losing some of the higher tones in my ears and I do need glasses now. To read. Grrr. I bought the glasses for 'MENTOR' with a prescription but they are mine now. Boy. Yes.

I was tired when leaving the beach-house sequence behind me. My wife thinks most hotel rooms are like a hospital when it comes to the little bugs that that might be hanging out. I am of a rather sloppy nature. I think what's the big deal about bugs but it turned out that I really walked out with an army of crabs one day so I wised up fast.

And boy does it take a while for those critters to take a hike. So I travel with pillow. Left the damn thing behind though. Hello UPS. And the turbo toothbrush too. So now I dance with bugs instead of wolves here. Slept lik a lamb though. Lol. Isn't human nature amazing? Work gives me energy and sleep doubles it so I wake up every morning wanting to change the world again. Just a little.


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