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Baltimore, August 3, 2005

Although my character Sanford expires in Mentor, even quite early on, it is rather quiet and sudden and the movie as it is structured is a bunch of memories from a young man's life of his encounters with the same man. So it was possible for me to be off yesterday. In one of the scenes a small letter is opened and it just reveals a bunch of empty white pages. It is meant to spur on the young writer to write the book he has not been able to write.

Earlier in our beach-house days Carter, who is the young writer's character, had given himself so happy and freely in a crab eating scene it seemed that it was his happiest moment. In the hotel's coffeshop I had seen a small crab. So I bought it to bring it to the set and just sneak that in the letter. Humour and wicked flavour. I bought some candy for the ride too. It was an hour drive north to the cemetery where they where shooting. I got there quietly and contacted the proplady. Costume and make-up were stuck in some meeting room and there was even a hooked up tv with a dvd player. It was just before lunch-time. They were still finishing a few shots in the church next door.

People were lying on the floor. Taking small naps.

When I open the paper bag with the candy the little crab had gone missing. I had a feeling that the people in the coffe-shop might have failed to put all the goodies in the bag. And I already knew from some experience that their - shall we say - IQ was in the lower numbers. I called them .Did they remember me. Well, no. But they had found a lovely crab, yes. I told them thanks and could stop searching. So that went south.

In the waiting prayer practice room where all were hanging, sleeping etc I shoved in a dvd which has a small doc on it about the making of The Hitcher. Done 15 years after The Hitcher was shot. Very good and fun. Left that there and sat outside on a small set of stairs. It was a nice
day. A few moments late a woman walked out and started singing "Amazing Grace". Blues. I went up to her and she told me she was hired to sing at Sanford Pollard's funeral. And she had to practice but didn't want to disturb the shooting nor the praying priest and nuns.

She said a good bottle of tobasco would help a lot. And she said she was happy to be on the film and didn't think she would meet me. I said, well, there you are. I thought to myself, "How hard can it be to find tobasco?". I asked around bot no-one knew of any store close by. While the rest of the crew went for lunch I got in my car and drove around. I found one restaurant on the side of the road with a small delicatessen shop next door. But small. I mean tiny. Lol. Never seen anything like it. I went in there and it seemed dead. Just then someone with a cook hat opened a door. Female. I said, "Excuse me", and told her the odd story about the urgent needed tobasco. By now I had forgotten the exact name. Darn. She siad she might have some, but only one kind. When she showed me a big bottle with the red substance I remembered the name. Would she sell it. Yes. Alright. Lunch was now pretty much over and it was around 5pm. Film-lunch can run at odd times. They all had moved to the actual cemetery. I got lost. Great. Cellphone and gps will almost always save me. But when I connected I was a half a block away. It was a nice funeral and when the amazing grace lady was about to get on I presented the red present and she smiled and sang quiet and great. It was a nice funeral.S hort and sweet. I hung it out. When the sun started to go down yonder oaktree I left to pick up my dvd in the house next to the church. As I entered all make up clothes had disappeared. The seven females in the room were in a praying session as I stuck my head in there. The dvd player was on the other side. I waited quietly but they just kept going and going. I decided to see if I could find anyone with the crew .In another building I found some. They had to clear that room and yes, they had taken my dvd. Which I wanted to pass on to Matt Davis so he could see the doc because he wasn't able before since he was working. I left and decided to see if the restaurant was still open. It was around 8pm. I had some dinner there outside which was splendid. Then I drove home to my hotel. The other nice thing was that I did get the HD even before going to work but decided to be cool about it and not rub it in. That will be my treat tomorrow.


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