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Baltimore, August 4, 2005

And guess what I happen to find in my toiletbag because it was really time to damn clip my toenails. Ugly sharp detail. Two cufflings. I bought them a long long time ago. But I hardly ever wear shirts that need them. They are real moviestar cufflinks - yes think that's better spelling - and they don't have mickey mouse on them either. They will be my goodbye gift to Susan but I will wear them for the scenes tonight.

Just curious to see if she will stumble into them and when. Lol. Damn. Love this shit. O you want to know what they are or who's on it don't you. Can't tell you that but will tomorrow.....

On a different note. I am returning my rental car today and will start very briefly and carefully to ride the HD. I so hope to offer Matt just one little ride so he can feel the nightwind in his nostrils. He's been so good, so sensitive, so right and so on. But totally consumed at the same time .No-one of us get to see each other more than minutes in the dressing-room or make-up and guess whatelse. It will all be history in a little more than a week. Ouch.


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