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Baltimore, August 5, 2005

I don't know if any of you had a chance to see and hear the dvd called "Swinging Bach". It is only available as a dvd and is selling through It is a concert in the townsquare of Leipzig, Bach's 500th B'day. Went on for twenty four hours. It feels like a live aid or rock concert but it is just Bach played by an enormous variety of great musicians. In this concert there is a piece which Bobby McFerrin sings a l'improvise together with 20,000 people. It is the most unique and wonderfull union. It takes about 90 sec. Only for this, it is worth getting this dvd. And if you are a Bach lover you really should sell any piece of furniture or jewelery in oder to afford this treasure.
Since my director is a musician at heart as well as a Bach lover I was able to get this here in time to give it to him as a present.

The cufflinks or cufflings I was talking about earlier have small Andy Warhol pics on them from Marilyn Monroe. I gave them to her after we finished our work tonight and she adores them .Hah. I knew it.

It is now 12/12am thursday. We are on the second floor of a nice hotel. Just had lunch. I know, weird. But it will go as long as it takes. I see a chance for 3am but one never knows. Apart from other things, the role feels so comfortable that I am free enough to improvise when needed. The seduction scene of Marilyn developed so quickly and had a few moments in it where we just had to improvise. Just before we started shooting I saw the box with tissues and took it with me using it as some sort of confetti. It just got me started and it went bizarre and lovely and silly as well as sexy and akward . Many colours. Felt hilarious. Know we nailed it in many more ways than dreamt of before. Next now is a love scene between the two lovebirds while dawn wakes up upon which Sanford walks in and says, "Isn't this perfect?". After that he lies down being exhausted himself and says goodnight leaving the birds with roughened feathers. It's so slose to comedy and will be a bit hard on them but then fuck 'em. And they did anyway, didnt they. Smile.


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