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Cape Town, December 2, 2004

I have decided that the few of us on St*rfish will keep doing the HANDS ON adventures may it be for orphans, mothers & kids with aids, streetkids. The circle is connected. These problems are all family and don't come just by themselves.

Our experience is teaching us to physically act and touch and be much more effective. After years of struggling for a small community in the Caribbean without getting any serious and respectable response I have widened our goals and see immediate results. It does come with pain and shame in my heart because of the lost time and energy but I guess it is the only way to learn.

I think the more butterfyish approach is also more honest to the nature of my profession and character. The clown coming to town.

Anyway. I am glad the ribbons worked so well. I am even glad that the Capetonians thought they were a effort of harbour workers to show the city where they stand. Lol. Perfect. Next, I will take 25 hiv/aids women out on a small boat tour inside the harbour with some drinks and a cake. No big deal. That's the last thing here.

I did start shooting a short on Dec 1st but the clouds really made it impossible for us to finish so I decided to continue this next year, hopefully here. I hate to leave, it has been so much pleasure...


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