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Bucharest, December 11, 2001

Expherphiving teefpth for the momenth.Takeph gatten uphed to. Gephusph criphst. Put it to rephst, Vlad.

Sit. Learn some lines. Ok. Since the production here felt a bit unconfortable with the abillities and expertise of their hairpeople I had some bleaching done on the barnet in the Hotelsalon full of cute, goodwilling, bizzy, hairy bunnies and one fag. No hard feelings. Was scary because if they screw up they not only screw up the look for this film but also for the next one and normal life won't be the same. Woman know. Once that dye, bleach, etc starts rolling it is hard to see where it'll stop.

Got teethed. Got made up. Nice decayed and haunted handsome. If you like that sort of thing. I do. Tried contacts. Uhee. Mayor improvement for the character. Rehearsed some swordplay again. Had a second costume fitting. Such good fit. Such taste and quality. Like a good wine. Still trying to find an ear-ring that will be good. Or a bracelet with small catbells. Would have a nice (possible) impact for the sound during the swordfight. Or a broach.

I'm also considering adding a few longer eyelashes. They'll bring a more animal touch out. I only showed my improvements bit by bit. Did talk to the director. Producers were dissapointed - or they were kidding - for not having seen the whole character yet. Yeah. Make 'em wait.


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