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Bucharest, December 13, 2001

O shit. Time 4 bed. Bath 2. What to say. Earstubs. Gloves. Big Fangz for brawling. Small one for speech. Contactlenses. Eyedrops. Braceletbell. A fiesty burning torch. Peeling skin, although a little gross, also a form of transition. You know, like leaving for the next or peeling an old one off for more appeal. Do vampires have a heart. Ha. Take your pick. Or eat you heart out. I had a chance today. Reinforced/rewrote. Got the two writers working with and they're good. It's no big deal. It hardly ever is. And when it is, it's probably wrong.

These things just happen and fall where they must. Really. I like the contradictions. Vampires can't stand silver? Someone wrote. Great I'm wearing a silver bracelet. They can't stand the name of god. Mine reads the bible just for fun. He also is the clown for his own entertainment. In the scene a new virgin of the week has been fallen prey. He does not want her. Not for him.She belongs to someone and he used to be gay a long time ago anyway. He's dressed her in a gown that used to belong to one of his favourite brides. He watches her as she's struggling with the demons in her sleep. On TV they are reporting that she is the newsreporter who is gone mysteriously missing. He shakes the bells.Slowly she starts waking up and watches colleagues tell her story. The king of vampire decay hides in the shadow and from behind his throne his low, slow, dark voice climbs into her mind. "I have some news for you. At night..when normal people sit.. in front of their tv.. watching the news.. watching you. .move your lips.. not really listening.. just nodding off.. my little angels.. give.. birth.. in growing numbers... .thus changing the course and destiny.. of man...kind." He pauses, in doubt. "Or something like that."


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