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Bucharest, December 14, 2001

Have to shoot quick words from the hip again. It's too much fun not to. The day to day and the work. If it's not I don't like writing that much because I keep uncomfortable struggles to myself. Anyway. Woke up like a much dirtier devil than my usual self. Too tired for soap last night or wet hair so I ran a serious bath.

God. Like sleeping with an open window. If I can help it. My woman is not here. She has many cold parts. Her small easily sticking out as the unexpected winner. So I don't do that whenever we're together. Here in chilly Rumania I blow my snoring clouds of breath. On my own. Undisturbed, not disturbing. I check out the GB. God. It's crowded. As I am about to write what I am writing you now, I think. Shit.

I'm running the bath and I storm out into the next room. It's a special feeling. Intense. I have to be honest. This has happened four times to me. Luxembourg. London (twice). Amsterdam. The flooded room in Luxembourg had one of those wooden floors.The floor had been dry a lot. Couldn't even handle a nice little steaming bath. Couple of G's there. Amsterdam was more quality. I like it there. They like me too.

The wool carpet did not. As the steam there subdued one could actually visibly see those little sheep shrink. Couple of G's. Yep. Again. You know what they say about donkies. No bathing. London was even more disastrous. They were both classy apartments. On the second and the third floor. No, I didn't do both of them at the same time. First one wasn't too bad. Just flooded the place and - splash - splash - splash - Hello, yes..can is speak to housekeeping. I may need some emergency assistance..and many,many towels... Yes, Mr.Hauer... don't worry we'll be right there.

The second time on the third floor I was on the phone and they had tried to call me a couple of times before finally knocking on the door. Mr.Hauer. Are you there? I put down the phone. Open the door and at the same time hear a familiar sound. Splashsplash. Feel a familiar wet sock feel. They have towels already. Three people. Their faces are almost hidden behind it. They jump through the door and start putting them down. Splashsplashsplash. Another at the door says the neighbour in the apartment is ok. He's not in the apartment right now but they are indeed moving him to another room. As the water started dripping down the chandelier where the maid jumped to switch off the vacuumcleaner, they understood it was me again.

Boy,were they nice about the whole thing. Didn't fine me although I offered. Do you want to know what just happend. Well. I hate to say so but I got there JUST as the bath started overflowing. So I washed and went to work.

I'll keep the metamorphoses for later...sleep now.


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