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Bucharest, December 17, 2001

Day off. Slept fuzzy, yet still not quite enough. But happy. The show's been such a lift-off. I'll come back later again. Not without scrabble. Hear hear. Hohoho.

NB1. To me characters on film are still figments of someone's imagination. They smell of the printers' ink. Especially for this film, with the two writers being so close, as I give birth to their fantasy of many lives and with such a strong connection between me (or is it us) and them I feel I'm walking inside their head. It is an exciting and big, big place.

NB2. Dinner last night was lovely. Small restaurant, basically a house with different rooms which was developed because in Ceausescu's time there were only fifteen restaurants in the city. Normal people can still hardly afford this.

The snow is floating down the mainsquare. Very few people are having dinner. A bunch of singers walk through singing Rumanian christmascarols. They stop at our table. Want my autograph on their musicsheet. Their musicteacher moonlighting. When we're ready to go the two lovers insist on paying for me. I'm not sure about the bill. But it is around $20. Since people who work here make a dollar (Lek 30,000) a day they don't have much to spend or save. If they have work and are good twenty dollars (Lek 600,000) is a month's savings. Lek 30,000 buys them two beers or a pack of cigarettes.

I'm organising a crewchristmasraffle. They all put in Lek 10,000. I'll put in 10 fiftydollar bills. By the end of Tuesday there'll be 10 happy winners.

NB3. Got to get on with my day now. NB4. To be continued...just a few more days of work left....


DRAC-QUEENS spears DRAC-KING with burning torch. She sez: "Fuck you!" He sez: "Too late now.!"

Have an early call tomorrow. Putting together a nice santaclausparty 4 hivchildrenshospital and possibly orphanagevisit as well.

Might work, might not.

Will report more....


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