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Bucharest, December 18, 2001

Twilight. It's chilly. The clouds have folded into grey, some snow on the ground. The villagestreet could be anywhere. Hardly any sign of people. No footsteps. One dog. No sounds. The cinema at the last house here seems dead.

Seven people are waiting in line. Their shoulders up, hands in their pockets. Their breath is the only thing moving. Their faces show some fatigue but their eyes glint from under the cinema's canopy. The street has no name.

A young girl walks toward them from the opposite side. Her feet make no sound. She stops in front of the others. They look at the girl with glowing joy. One of them, a young man, I'm hungry, a young woman adds that she's cold and the third. A man with dark eyes ,a long nose and wearing a dark, long leather coat. He sez:"I'm thirsty!". Most of them go mmmm as to say that too. The young girl smiles at them apologetically and sez: "I'm here for the castingsession. The dark man smiles and sez: "Nice.What are you up for". Girl sez: "One of the vampires. The dark man sez: "Me too. I like the way you're dressed. It's becoming. The others go hmmm. The girl: "Are you trying to come on to me?" The dark man sez: "I don't think so. They all smile and move slowly around the girl, making the girl almost disappear and as the circle closes many long teeth shine mighty bright.

"CUT!" we hear someone say and: "Let's do close-ups. We're loosing daylight!" The other forty or so youngsters are standing on the other side of the camera. They are mostly students from an acting-school in Bucharest. Over to work with me, on the studiolot. It's the end of the workshop done with the real ingredients. Lighting. Sound. Props. To show them what film does as a medium. It's been great fun. They started with a little theory & practice in shotsizes, cameramoves,casting.

The first part was done inside, on the set where I am shooting the movie DRACULA RESURRECTION. But today is Sunday. And they have given it to us. The set inside is a gothic and majestic room with many windows and a throne. More period.

First the scene was rehearsed and shot inthere. But, just for fun and to make it more real and contemporary, we went outside. To show them how much difference it makes to the scene and the way they would play it.

I don't think any of them realized how good they became simply because of the snow and the cold and how appropriate it was (and ironic) that vampire(students) would be waiting in line for their "meal" right there.

It was perfect. Exactly my dream of my kind of filmschool.


Hilariously excited 4 tomorrow.

Not tell but will. I'll jump around in a santaclaus suit pretending to understand the Rumanian kids. Or should I tell Santa has parted his voice away. I guess I'll be a U.S. Santa. To them.

Found a fifty member strong singing highschool quire. They'll walk wit me. I'll shed some hair and tears. Methinks. Be tough.

OK. Later. And by the way. Hushhush what if the world would be smaller than a blush. Methinks. Less lush.

I better part.


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