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Home, December 22, 2001

The last night in Rumania was spent visiting a kids orphanage. Forty or so kids, between 8 & 18 were taken from the Bucharest streets into this home.

I had heard about it through one of the workers of the Rumanian studio crew. He grew up here as well. I suggested maybe going there and watching a film together. Have a chat. He had mentioned the house had no videoplayer. We got one and Oresti, my driver, managed to find a copy of Blade Runner from a friend of the guy who runs one of the videostores.That's what we left with them.They were very happy.

I pack my bags in the hotel.The next morning starts at 4am. Flight gets delayed. But by noon I'm in Amsterdam.

Have a meeting with a producer/writer/director about a possible project. Meet Erik Lieshout. He tells me our next short film will not happen for a while.

Then I drive home and fall in the low wet lands where snow, rain and ice are struggling. The icy winds are blowing hard. It's only been two weeks. Feels like months. Lovely. Lovit. Love.


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