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Amsterdam, February 6, 2001

Got a call in the middle of the night. Then the faxmachine started spitting out a revised contract. Awake again. Hard time falling asleep. My left arm is killing me. Must've pulled something. Boy.

Slept a little.
Work through email. Arrange some appointments. Downsize a bunch of pics for the next NEWSLETTER.
Spent a hell of a time behind the PC today.

Go down to the trailer. Move luggage back in. I arrange a "cardealerspass" through the "SMART" car office (I may buy one, too). I talk with them about designing a limited edition. MAYBE.

Go to the new AUTOSHOW around 6 pm and see stuff with hardly anyone around. Not much new. Some at Peugeot. Renault with a nice 4wheeldrive model. Interesting to see the new Jag XK sportstar in the flesh.

Back at the hotel I do a chat 4 fans. A bit cumbersome. My first time.

Tired. Some overseas calls. Bath-tub & Bed.


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