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Home, February 12, 2001

After dinner - not that late - we are reading some. Our dog sleeps elsewhere tonight which makes it unusually peaceful.
The shy stray cat appears less shy and more hopeful. Hoping for the dog not to return. We have been leaving little bowls of food outside at night.
As we are listening to music. Some very recently discovered Vivaldi. Some almost forgotten John Lennon. Suddenly, my wife kills the light and points outside.

On one of the 7ft-poles of the wooden fence, the white owl has just landed there. Mesmerized, we watch the beautiful animal. Amazing energy & alertness. His eyes could be laserbeams made out of black light.
As his two large claws hold his body steady, his head spins 180 degrees.

What is he looking at? Then, after ten minutes maybe, he suddenly flies up. We are grandly amazed and just as we are about to switch on the light we see the stray cat climbing the pole where the owl just sat.

This is not an easy manoeuvre but the cat sits on the round ball on top and it looks like he means business.
Stay away dog. Stay away owl.


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