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Montreal, February 19, 2002

Day off. Last night the producers of "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" had organized a little cast and crew gettogether. Somewhere on the 4th floor of a cinema complex was a huge, new bowlinghall, and I attended.

Around 9.30pm the place was starting to fill up. There was some food. Very nicely organized and quite unusual in my experience. I don't know much about the sport. It appears to me to be a bit like golf in the sense that most of its players are heavy weight midlifers. Consuming lots of beer flows and shedding little sweat.

But let the olympic games begin. It's a youthfull crowd. Quite a few pretty local groupy kind-a-girls in the producers' corner. I join a few of the drivers and we start rolling. It takes me a bit to get a grip but it's good fun. My fingers are larger than average so - of course - I get a heavier ball. I keep smacking it down with the force of a bull and get a good workout and some laughs. Very enjoyable. Get back to the hotel at 1am.

The next day, today, I feel my damn age. My knee is stiff as a door and I know I'll have to ice it and stay calm for a week. Hate that part. Can't be that wild, Rutger. My driver helps me chase down some tricky little things I need. We do well. And I do mail and clean up the mess in my computer. I'm finally going to write down all my addresses because everytime I lose a phone or it doesn't work I am in some trouble. For the time being I have a rental chip in there. But the phone was bought in Europe. Prepaid call time. It just told me it needs more money. Back to the store tomorrow.

Read an amazing article the other day in the "Gazette" . About Aids and rape in South Africa. Called the writer. We'll meet in the next few days. Will be interesting. Now I'll go put my knee on ice. Swim tomorrow. Got a lot done though. Good boy.


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