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Disney Studios, January 9, 2003

That's right. I was back in my ultimate world. Disney's lot. With the ultimate filmstar painted on a big round watertank. THE BIG MICKY. And in its studiointerior @ streetlevel I got to practice that zany, wacky, brainy, gamy, bewildering and playful thing I do while making a living.

ALIAS. ABC's series. Got to play a shot scene first. And had a chance to get a sense from the director JACK BENDER. Found him to be solid, short and helpful. Great. Not much time for chitchat. Gotta go gotta go. Got my lines just about straigh on every first take. Scary, the speed of shooting. Challenging to say the least. You know, all lines need to be eaten & tasted and - in case they aren't that necessary - just cut. Which intensifies matters anyway. But I needed all the time I could steal. To loose the apprehension of those first steps. Nada time. Got to do a longer and intelligent scene after that, with the very, very much appreciated JENNIFER GARNER. So good and easy and natural and strong. Character included.

I had had some earlier conversation - while approaching the series idea - with JJ ABRAHAMS. Who has written this episode and found out we were devastatingly in sinc. I found my trust and character in time just because of it and some feedback which reached me. So I walked away lightheaded this evening. What a feeling.

It's 12:21 a.m. and I'm still buzzing. I felt that the "work" level we had touched altogether was close to just "simple & great" quality sparring. A small meeting of minds and matter. But there were other things. Like the atmosphere on set. Like the crafted detail in set design and some props. All the files which I picked up on any CIA desk were filled with actual written reports (fake but well-written) which is something I hardly ever see on any set. It just creates a slightly deeper truth of the illusion. Which is much more than just helpful. I hate having to pretend to be reading something as "the character" and not having anything which makes sense to read so one has just to PRETEND. As if there is not enough pretending already. There was even a small applause from the crew as we finished the scene.

I just have to go close my eyes now. Get some sleep. Leave the makeup on the pillow. What the hell.


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