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Burbank, January 10, 2003

Excuse me. Just babynotes here from me. Pooped ok. But to answer just a few questions. First of all Burbank is not that small anymore. As far as I can see. Houses in each direction and streets that are miles and miles long. It is indeed pretty dead now. But it is 3:15 a.m. Don't we "filmpeople" have weird hours going to the office.

It was a lengthy and struggling-along day at work. A lot to do. Little scenes but many and not quite enough time to really deepen them out. I was certainly loaded with ideas but could not find enough room for them. Got frustrated but found a way to restrain myself. It is like that sometimes. So I narrowed the spaces and accepted the restrictions. Director seemed less inspired. Crew exhausted. They went for 18hrs y'day.I was tired too and found it difficult staying on my feet without any real breaks.And damn, my knee strated bugging me. Sigh icon.Back to treatments.OiiiOiii.

But I got the job done even with this killing workpace. I know it will work just fine. The role which I am lending my craft to is the new installed boss in a special section of the CIA which turns out to be a jack of all trades. We spent most of the shooting on an interrogation scene in the "conversation room". Which is a devastating looking place. Bunkerstyle. Stanless steel. Cupboard and grey light.You may already be familiar with this if ALIAS has been on your TV.

Biggest challenge again to reinvent the cliches. I played it rather flat, all the way through. Kind of scary for a performer. No anger or screaming. Just terrible mental torture and some added pain for balance and measure. Soft voice. Endless patience. Some humor. Good writing. And great help and support from VICTOR GARBER as the victim. Another nice collegue. Last shot I had to be killed. Of course. Yeah. Bad guys . Disney. What a sport that is. I counted them at some point. Died about thirty-or-something times so far. Anyway,I had to be squibbed. They are small explosives tied to bloodbags and taped in the costume. They can be tricky. Had to fall while sparing knee but we got it on the first "take".

...3.48 a.m...


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