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Capetown (South Africa), January 15, 2010

Capetown is such a wish without an end. Meeting new people with tons of "click".

Talked by satellite to Paul Watson, who is on chasing the whales and approaching the Artic.

Rode the HD in a typical rainwash and came away feeling like the dog I used to be. Lol. My wetsuit dried on the skin waiting with a drink in panama jack. Having a great time.

And packing soon for a few serious confrontations in Dutch waters. Will get up-to-date with the Seashepherd conflict some more.

I am developing ideas with Dance4Life. Furthering and refining an idea I acted on some 5 years ago. Now it gets to a more serious stage. Excited.

And a mini documentary about dancing for Aids too.

After meeting a very young man who is now an editor. With mutiple sclerosis and in a wheelchair. I am trying to hook up with a danceclub where dancers dance with people in wheelchairs. Bliss. Magic there.


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