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Los Angeles (USA), January 25, 2015

On Friday Jan 22nd 13:07hr, something I did in the settings of my freshly renewed Macbook made me lose my connection to mail or sms of any kind.

This was as I was trying to be wise enough to invent, change & store new Password. I did make 1 mistake with my ID and in the next minute I found myself in Password jungle because all my passwords were sitting in one email.

And I couldn't get to it. I was deeply lost. So I virtually stopped to exist. The I-clouds darkened in the next hours. The conclusion was that very few knew I had just landed from Europe in LA.

My jet-lag can be severe enough and I have learned not to
drive too soon. It is too much of an 'out of the body' experience and damn scary. I have managed twice to hit a concrete column in the parking garage which I never thought was there but always was. Noisy and costly.

So far I used to drive without glasses. But lately I felt like doing a serious test to know if all was still good enough.

I had to renew my driver's licence the next day. It had many tests in it. But little did I know.

Surprisingly, my car would start. So I drove slow turle speed and
very cautious and had my test done. And glasses were ordered to be safe....(continued)


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