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Home, January 25, 2016

For the past three weeks some nasty cold has blown through the Netherlands and really slowed things down. Tons of tissue around inside the house. At one point we were afraid the toilet was stuffed as well. Outside snow and wind and hail. And icing on the roads to enjoy. And so it was a fine day suddenly this Monday with sun and springtime tempertures while I was driving to Amstardam to a career award.

All this time I had been mothering and taking most work away from my darling wife but now I was sweating and starting to feel hazy.

This award means a lot to me as it is given by the Eye Institute which puts a lot of efforts into promoting new generations of filmmakers and screening their best work. There is real jewellery to be found there. And I know it means a lot to them that I will show up.

So I try to firm up and dress myself. And hope for the best. Hoping it will be very short as well.
Wishing them the very best and good luck!

And thank you all again for your warm birthday wishes!


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