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Los Angeles (USA), January 26, 2015

71 goodmorning!
Filled out the forms. Fingerprints. The works. Called to find out my social security number.
And sat down in a very special office with a dark skinned lady who had a great smile. I asked her what my chances were with no preparation.
She assured me it was no big deal. Her small office was filled with panther prints on everything. Picture frames. Cup. Pens. No windows. But panther heaven.

I calmed down. Figured if I failed the theory I might have to study fast and furious. And drive a few days without the license. She showed me the test on a computer and told me to start and left the room.

I did my motorcycle first. Boy were these questions different from when I saw them the last time forty or so years ago. They were smarter and dumber than dumb. After half an hour and thirty or so question. I clicked FINISH. And failed.

The car version took me longer. She peeked her head in.
“How are you doing?”. I shook my head.
“You can do it three times. You’ll be ok.”
I nodded.”Thank you.”
Above my head were all these little red hearts hanging from the ceiling.

“Did you decorate the room for everyone’s birthday?”
She smiled seeing the panther print on my glasses. "No that was for Valentine’s day!”. And left.

I started the car version. There were these question again that were so insane. The more I thought and studied the answers, the more I didn’t know.

On my 18th birthday I did both tests on the same day. And my truck
driver's test in the same week.

The motorcycle I had bought. It was waiting for me.
Why fail now? And what hell it would be if I flunked now?

Clicked FINISH again. I passed.
I started the motorcycle test again with more courage.

And passed it this time.

Best birthday gift ever.


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