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Home, January 31, 2006

First I went skating since the small lake had been freezing over rapidly in a few days. It must have been a hundred years since I did and I hit the surface nice and solid but got along with the ice and the skates reasonably fine. Fresh fun. In pinetree smelling frosty surroundings on an early Sunday morning.

Coming home just then we were witnessing the effects of a frozen main of the water and the house became a rainy and wet wall flooding horror in no time, where hands and logic were just helpless. It kept going and falling out of the ceiling hours after we had shut off the one pipe which was exposed to the cold.

At nightfall things were back to decent and I had to leave to travel to the Rotterdam filmfest. What a rough moment. After several meetings there over the subsequent two days and losing my mind and voice doing so much thinking and talking my mind is still spinning.

Old nourished ideas were revisited and tested and I found a few great partners to start putting them to work. I had no part in the filmfest and it was an improvised moment. But I got some serious biz done on which I will report further when my head stops spinning. I do feel that the turning of events will turn my life in new directions for a longer period.

Very exciting and interesting venues.


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