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Detroit, July 10, 2008

Work on THE PRINCE OF MOTOR CITY is proceeding well.
The story is related to HAMLET but is transformed. Denmark 16th Century is the USA kingdom. The biz is cars. trucks, the craft of transportation. Script well written. Writers on set to work with. Young/bright.

I enjoy director Jack Bender's sharp eye/mind and watching my colleagues sparkle. Glad I can work with him another time after having been on ALIAS.

A large part of my job here is in waiting my turn which is something I enjoy as well. It gives me time to catch up on my life and I have learned to watch and wait. A part I rarely play.

Here i must "ghost" the spirit of a murdered father whose guiding/haunting presence is spread in small bits. In the play by Shakespeare I recall the role of ghost being an almost impossible task for any actor. Film has more interesting tools to help me. Getting bored never had a grip in my life.

My eyes get tired but have never seen enough.

The mansion which is the home of the contemporary king has 14 chimneys. The golf course next to it has deer, rabbits and wild turkeys running on its course. And a few potbelly two-footers now and then who swing their clubs to die for. It s a windy day and warm and the smell of the rosegarden and its herbs carries a long way.

Concentrated set. Good mood. And a team that does the "LOST" tv show and knows how to do it all quiet and fast. Very nice. I enjoyed my day off hanging with the writers after having spent all morning getting wheels to get around in.

Going to bed early. I was trying to figure the Rumanian tempertures (38 C) that I was in. It turned out to be over a 100 F but will tell more another day.


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