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Baltimore, July 14, 2005

To me the first day when people sit around the table and read the screenplay is something i dread. It must be done. I know. I just feel inadequate to the words and my ears thunder with the many possibillities I see in my mind and the flaws come in loud and clear.

Reading a screenplay just on my own still tricks me. That all said we had a GREAT reading. I fumbled and my other male half was not that sure either because he seems to come to the moment later. Maybe even like me. Last minute. Big surprise was the actress I had not met and how ahead she was in such a short time. She was just GRAND in all the flavours she laid out.

The 'Mentor' script is a torturous triangle between three characters and other than torture is was hopeful it could be loves doing. This of course would completely depend on interpretation and what the players bring to it.

Today I saw and heard its music. Compassion. It will be there. Understanding. Is there anything better? More for you in the next days. Director, writers and all are now shaving and tweaking so we will be free to let go in its structure.


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