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Baltimore, July 15, 2005

Sitting around the table today and facing some unclear problems we decided to take some more time prepping the final draft of the script which is felt neccesary for all good purposes.

We worked from 10am till 430pm and that is where the brains of two writers,an assistant, the director and me went into voids. Great progress was made in this team effort which is very demanding, fruitful and scary. Now I will take a break and ponder some more so I am still ahead and prepared when doing a restart tomorrow.

We are hopeful to finish by tomorrow's end. At the same time and on the other side of the US my darling wife is wrapping up boxes as we have to leave the apartment for movers because our lease is up. All just in case the move may have to be done without us. It's crazy and she is having a hard time. Damn. Sometimes boy. Anyway. No further news.


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