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Baltimore, July 20, 2005

I bought a new printer which is allowing me some nice paperspread as we are progressing with our shoot. What a great and exciting way of shooting a movie. Today was only our second day and Ifeel I have landed already just like a rolling stone. Maybe even a rock. It feels that way and - I guess - because of the intensive scrutinizing of the script, the lines have burnt their signature into my soul. That is,just in case I have one. Just kidding. But it is so scary and effortless and so liberating and intuitive. Even small improvs land in a nice way. What more to say. It is like doing surgery in a very creative place and each cut just bleeds so nicely. Seduction is not exactly the right word but each filmshoot has that element between the actors, the camera and especially the director. I (we) actors just come to a three-dimensional form. And make it appear real. And only now. I know that my last shot of the day got a tear from him instead of a few smiles. It is one of my character's warmest, saddest and I got to be so light and lighthearted. All just in one shot. No closups. Backlit. Unprecious. Deeper than the deep blue sea. A throw away one heartthrob. Love that stuff. Felt like heaven.
The shoot is tough on everybody because of the small small budget and the time restrictions. The scene took 15min to get it in the can. Lol. Damn yes. I like it. We also had one men's bathroom scene. Two boys with a big age difference going wild but very silly. Handheld DOP from chili having a little ball. Very improvised. Drugs buzzing in the characters' heads. A night out and one of them forgets what he was doing there anyway. Lol. Love the challenge to bring sillyness together with a brilliant mind and a cold yet deeply compassionate man....

The four main actors/characters had just the best ever lunch together picking at the food and each other's thoughts while sitting on a small patio behind a small downtown townhouse with a glass of wine. Their voices excited and rattling ninety miles an hour as we felt we might be called any time while discussions just kept running into the most extreme subjects. I think we must have been there for two hours while the housecat was watching all this from behind her locked up window with as face like: O plse give me a break, I want to be on the table or at least close to food or someone's feet.


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