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Baltimore, July 21, 2005

What tickles me in 'MENTOR' is that the battle between the characters makes me think of one of J.P. Sartre's plays called Huis Clos. I have had this in the back of my mind as a project. But that would have been a tough marriage. Literture, existensialisme and film. The idea that we are each other's hell rather than some big ugly fired up grill with a guy in red who's running around with a tail of some kind between his legs has never convinced me. In 'MENTOR' there's always a form of torture in progress. It can be of a lovers or lovely kind.
In the scene I described somewhat yesterday my character - Sanford Pollard - is about to push his lover away into the arms of a much younger man and he knows it might be nasty and he may lose her in the process. Is it worth and is he right, are the questions. So he has arranged this party that gets out of hand and in the script there is a very ugly scene where all behave badly not knowing (?) because all are intoxicated in some form or other.

In the script we have freely touchy feelup another chick scene. It does not bother me to misbehave or be cruel but just one kiss might be worse. In my book. Will see. I'm trying to work with the prologue from "You just took the words out of my mouth" and some little dance. Using them as a guideline. We may not be able to use this in the actual film. Does'nt matter. It is a back-up an in case we run into too much awkwardness. Will see, we don't shoot this yet.

Now I have to pay some bills etc which still is just as awkward, since the internet and banks don't trust each other enough. I must do it by phone, by fax mostly .Grizzly, boring and time consuming and I can't tell you how many bills get paid twice or fall through the cracks because they are mailed to the wrong place.


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