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Vancouver, July 27, 2003

As the training for the indieraces lits up its roaring and whiny sounds 'SMALLVILLE' went into the night and finished first episode ('EXILE') of the season and started on it the second ('PHOENIX'). The work is progressing steadily and the new director is alright. Tom Welling is great and most of the cast and crew are really good people. I did arrange another solid dollarday before leaving the set. I have never met a crewmember who made a lot of money. Dollarday is their lottery and someone will be very happy. I got home after ten and still had a plate full of things to do.

Still haven't heard anything from the film I did my mpeg email audition for. Not polite is all I say. Not a good sign says my other I. A different film which started coming across a few weeks ago is getting much more alive. I finally connected with its producer in Frankfurt and its director. Feels very promising. Which is always a lift. There is some meat there. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll make an mpeg for them for fun tomorrow.

Looking at the running films I was surprised by the limited offer there was in all the theaters around town. Sure summer season. I know. But I caught the early evening show of "WHALERIDER" tonight and I was so totally blown away by it. Recommend this small film highly. Advise you to run for it when the title shows up. It' not for everybody it seems. Only in two theaters. But fine. From New Zealand and a female director. My ancestors talking. What can I say. Also nice because I hope to follow those whale footsteps next week. There is a place - not that near/not that far from here - where whales hang out and humans can room around their "grounds" with their asses in a canoe and the Pacific. I'm going to try if that all works out.

Tomorrow I hope to visit an animal ranch where a stunt guy is working with all kinds but specifically with horses. I have seen him talk to them. He is the real deal. Not the Hollywood version. I spoke to him today and he mentioned he had twelve kids over from the UK. Ex-gang members who were trying to be good. He was taking them for a ride. Not sure if it works out. I may do screening for them later in the week.

After the movie I had a small bite across the street. A Rumanian three man band played Hungarian music. I sat outside. Next to the sidewalk and smelled the boys and girls who were passing by drenched in their designer perfumes. Had my own small party. And go to bed early so I can be a good boy and climb back in the gym tomorrow morning. Yep. My training system will fall apart now and then. Arrivederci.


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