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Baltimore, July 31, 2005

I'll be brief because it's 330am and grinding some teeth in mirror. I guess after being above the clouds mostly when shooting out of town we hit town hard and came in below the clouds. Somewhat under the weather and more tired than I'd be willing to admit and we hit a scene that consumes a good deal of time yesterday night and today we hit another at the end of the day.

Two other scenes went so smooth and then we just hit a wall. Language, coordination. Blablalack sheep give some more whool. Omg. In cramped kitchen quarters we struggled and slugged and dragged. It was the one scene I always hated. But director and producers and writer wanted it as it was. I feel it was bad and sad for all the time that it took. Most people will acknowledge that life is short indeed but when it comes to making movies oi there is never enough of it and double that by ten. I know we did get something in the end. But I think the other two actors will have saved my ass here in the end.

That is always a comfort but it doesn't make me feel much better. So alright, strike that one. The crew is still so great but they are looking forward to the possible extra time/sleep on the rest of this here sunday. Me too. Ooops!


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