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Luxembourg, June 2, 2004

It's true. Today was very scattered and messy. Noisy. And off. When the darling director said maybe we should rehearse three scenes at once I got that feeling of deja-vu and deja-vu that has never worked so far. Ok we got to rehearse one, alright. Malcolm McDowell said goodbey. 18hr flight west. Phew. He was great. We needed to be serious and grave. Had to be dead. Joker. Best fart under a white sheet. Great collegue.

Juan P - the writer of the book - was there, consuming all this with his wife. Long hours. Like I said, I would have killed someone but everybody is really good, nice, sweet so I had just to be my patient self. Meanwhile we worked on and on and just had some great things to turn into high def footage. And we did. So a great day anyway.

Then a press conference for the Spanish journalists who came to see their Natalia Verbeke. What as nice ball of fire she is. And just like most of us she just jumps in seconds before a take with streaming concentration. Scot - our main man in the story - is on his own mission and he will always arrive from a different perspective. I watch him as he slowly crawls over the edge and know how he must feel. Gentle and generous while Mountains and Forests surround him. I love seeing him hold his own and flexing some kind of different muscle. I will fall into bed. Now....zzzz


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