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Bucharest, June 10, 2008

Yesterday I spent half an hour watching very small kids getting their first swimming lesson. Bucharest has 4 million people and just 3 pools. Two of those are not for public use.

I was there to find a swimming coach. I realized how scary swimming once was. For most people. I don't remember being anything else but excited. Anyway. I have been working on a small pool plan for the HIV kids in Singureni.

I met with Mino Damato on Sunday. We picked a spot for the pool. This week some helpful men will prepare installation and hopefully next Sunday we will celebrate. The small village with HIV kids where I was 5 years ago is still there but I rembered that Mino said swimming in the river nearby was hopeless because of pollution so I was ready to implement this plan if he agreed.

I have very little time for anything else on the side. Work every day all day. Caught a nice draft sleeping and battle a stiff neck as the emperor BARBAROSSA for a week. I know there are worse things. But it is a pain in the neck,lol.

More on Barbarossa later....


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