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Bucharest, June 14, 2008

ahhh children and animals. Can one ever do enough?

Over the years I have seen many countries where dogs and children were left out in the cold. Ofcourse I know how hard Rumanians are struggling and I feel for them. General remarks about countries or people are stupid to begin with. So call me stupid. I just feel so helpless sometimes, and even helping is hard sometimes.but the pools is still in progress.Will keep you posted. My driver Ionion is a man of gold and he is the best of help.

Sunday I will meet with my big Rumanian brother and ex swordsman for "NEVER ENOUGH" which was shot here 5 years ago.

The work on BARBAROSSA keeps being a big sweaty struggle. The costumes are brilliant and weigh a ton. They are made for winter. It was in the 100° F quite a few times and inside the armour I wear sometimes I can probably grill a few hamburgers.

It does get funny here and there because some of the lines just don't make sense because they seem to have been translated literally from Italian. Ahhh. Language. And its sweet confusing details.

Fabulous and horrendous all wrapped in a package. Pronto.


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