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Sacramento, June 16, 2005

I didn't even mention that I started a sweet inbetween cameo in a film called '7EVENTY5IVE'.

I had one day of shooting 2 weeks ago. Between the normal hectic routine to get check-ups done on paperwork, career shifts, reading scripts, meeting people, having a few major reconstruction done on the mouth porcelain, and getting the tiny airstream together for a small trip in the near future to the Hopi indians, I managed to fly up to Sacramento for a few days of shooting there.

The surprise was the warmth and turbulent energy I was met with. I don't often get a chance to play with kids. There were tons of them. In the cast and crew. All on fire because they were making their scary movie. Two big black brothers directing and a fiesty actress from Singapore decent as as much as beautiful and a disciplined sidekick detective character to kick ass with. The mood is loose. And I put my head together on what to do and how. It s dfferent. The crew has many colours and the brothers have many of their friends swing by to watch our efforts. The work just swings. And it all feels like a happy blues with younger dogs. You know what I'm saying.

We end up shooting deep into the night and since the first flight is at 6am the next day I decide to hang around for the second flight out at 720pm and so the day I finish my first shoot I decide to stay. I end up doing a small workshop in the studio with about 25 people who decide to be there. We write scenes on the spot together. We cast and set them. And shoot. After that we get a small boatride on the Sacramento river and I get my plane back to LA.
That was two weeks ago.

Back now with this crowd. The role of Detective Criton as an older and stoic fatherly but dangerous cowboy takes more shape and is fun. The crew and cast have many 16hr-days behind them. They still work hard but it s not hard to tell that they suffer. At this point the film itself has gotten shape as well and a few offers from contribution companies which bring the brothers some good confidence. Everyone is still on fire,just a little less to burn. What would we be without it. I was about to lose it that is how tired I was after I had to wait.

I get to bed at 2am. Late start today...


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