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Bucharest, June 19, 2008

I/we are working into nights now and mostly end up coming "home" around 3am each morning. Odd hours. No soccer-matches to be watched much.

The day before yesterday I had a spoonful of soup and icecream as supper. I mention this because it takes me like 15min to get in or out of my costume and since the soup or the icecream were bad I had to take emergency measures. Took some medicine to keep me in suit within reason. Little stuff like that.

Yesterday night last scene was about people in Milan in 1158. Some 200 hundred extras of all walks of life where needed. For some reason there were only 70 there and the Milan-built set on the studiolot appeared like a very nonhumming. We wrapped earlier. That was unfortunate but nice.See if they have found the rest of these extras today.

Tomorrow we have a tricky stunt with a breaking bridge and horses in the water. I have seen the situation and it is risky. I'll say a small prayer for the horses tonight. And the stuntmen.

The weather being what it is in combination with the winterlike costume design are really what kills me every day. Drinkdrink sweatsweat. 37°C yesterday.

But working with Abraham Murray was highlight for sure. And the actress who is the emperor's grown wife is very delicious with fine touches.


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