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Biella (Italy), June 22, 2011

At this moment the rain thunders down after 32C yesterday and 29C through the night. North West from Turin the alps decide on all kinds of weather and wind.

My hotel is an island of silent rocks.The church bells throw a concert at 7am.

The shoot for DRACULA 3D is in full progress.Mostly at night as many of the scenes take place in a village from 1200AD that has been preserved but also is a museum by day. Much is shot on a steadycam.This monster has now two camera's on it and ways 40KG/80Lbs.

The operator is a smiling angel and strong force. Lighting takes time for 3D. It is a nice change from all the turbo fast shooting in front of the digital red cam.This is shot on a different camera.I have time to ponder and breathe.Study the script & story without the teeth of time in my neck.

Although I was here a week before it has taken a lot of time and great personal assistant to find out what happens when etc. I am finally organized.

I even found a gentle guy who owns a motorcycle store. His wife wants to make pizza and he will lend me his motorcycle if the rain will be good and the day will be off. The roads close to the Alps are like scissors and very old little villages and abandoned ruins pop up in sunlight delight.I got lost twice, gps included, and ate icecream that I am sure people would kill for.

Italians just do things different ways. Based on a long film history. Life is not to be missed. Shops go dead for hours. Food is very important. Talking is done with pleisure. Mostly in Italian. Few speak English. I have done 5 films with the Italians. They have a secret for living. Over the past weeks many things would get lost in the translation process.

Dario Argento is dancing and directing with a tender glow in his eyes.He loves the Van Helsing i give him which makes me think twice. Before giving and after.But he thinks on his feet and i feel him.Love it.My colleague Thomas Kretschman seems a hamlet version of the count.Marta gastini seems like an ancient ophelia. I am very curious what the heart will be of this version of the dark 3D count.

More later...


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