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South Africa, June 24, 2016

Apartment #317 - Marina del Rey - 14.45 pm.

Several days/airmiles ago:

Dinner yesterday seems forever. Boxes everywhere. Suitcases packed.
The nurse arrives at 2pm to do a last minute physical for my insurance.
With all her crazy paperwork, questions and cable
tests and needles and CT scan.
She is kind, funny, charming and very professional.

My 3 pm breakfast is very tasty.

I have been prepping the bowels of the apartment to move out. And is now done. A nice job showed up. But the original plan to move out in the next few weeks ahead had to be trimmed. I am leaving much sooner now. I will travel 15000 miles for it. All will be put in storage because our next place is not available. It will be done without me.

Security at LAX is strict so I leave for LAX long before my evening flight to London and get help from a "mobility assistant” and VIP people, which means I get through customs and security and around the devastating long lines. Never had this treatment. How wonderful.

A good ten hour flight. The serious sleeping pills from my doc were in my checked in luggage. Landed at 6am in London, fell into a hotel bed at 8am for most of the day. Flew to Amsterdam slightly rested, rented a car and got back to my Dutch garden with the stork family and the deer who had a young bambi. One new hare eating the grass. My wife had flown in one day before. In the next two days we just collapsed falling asleep and waking up at the oddest hours. My trip continued. Somewhat rested.

I had to fly back to London again and catch the flight to Capetown. I would have two hours for that. With a good hour delay because of thunderstorms over London Heathrow we took off. I barely made my connection at 11pm because of the VIP helpers there and this flight had been delayed for an hour.

The 12 hr flight put me there the next day. This time a got a wheelchair for the faster lane. And more help. From the time I got off to the time I have my luggage. You may guess how long that would take? My last time here was in 2011. I won’t bore you with the luggage that gets lost. This does happen. Not this time. It took ten minutes.

Wintery weather. A five minute hailstorm hitting the balcony windows of my hotel. Seagulls. Cape Grace is such a nice place in the middle of the harbor I know so well. Big ships are hauled out of the water right next to it. With workers grinding and generators running. 55 F. Serious noise I slept through with open windows.
It turns out I have 2 days to finish my jetlag if possible.

Being almost my good old self as we start my two day shoot, the passionate first time director Brian Smrz turns out to have a ton of good sense, humor and is well prepared. Ethan Hawke is the best colleague. We have some prep done and work/talk our way through the scenes. The kick off of “24 Hours to Live” is a walk in the park.
Once we are start on the chilled beach of Langebaan and the camera rolls, we work fast & furious. And all gets done in the best of ways. The first day we finish early in the sunset, the next we finish in the dark at night.

The producers and director are over the moon with what I brought to the part & the film. I think my “Frank” ended up pretty solid and funny and will play nicely in their film. I expect director Brian Smrz owns the movie.

One day left just before leaving. The Harley Davidson Mini Tour.

Took the sweetest little ride. The road along 'The Twelve Apostles' mountains is one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

It can stand to compare it with the US Highway 1 along the West Coast between LA and San Francisco. It was misty, dark with clouds and a slight drizzle. Cold and majestic.

Fly back to Holland on Saturday.

What a life in the jetstreams.


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