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Capetown (South Africa), March 7, 2010

The preparations on 'Smoke&Ochre'/'Black Butterflies' are in full progress. On the creative side things are still floating. I have dreaded the South African accent which we are trying to get down but the work with the dialogue coach is delicious. And I think I now have a handle on it. This work is soooo delicate. Accents are like a costume almost. I hope I can make it fit.

Capetown is heaven. And 34°C now and then. My suits will be microwavish.

More on the story of this I will have for you later. It is one of the saddest and most beautiful screenplays. The writer/director is very talented and the project was developed over a thirteen-year period. The fact we are actually shooting this is a miracle and I applaud the producers all who made it work in this very confused time.

I still have hope to get the 'short' film started I have been wanting to make for years. The producer just so happens not to be here when I have some time. Will see.

Barbara Jackson, who inspired and ran Monkeybiz here, has quite suddenly died a few weeks ago. 4000 people have been fed for years because of her. Those are the real heroes. Hopefully this void can be filled with other spirits. We love her dearly.


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