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London, March 12, 2001

Yes, that's right. This little piggy went to the market. The British market. The meatmarket in London. To meet a director. The actor meat market.
Left house at 7:00 a.m. but missed the plane because of intense traffic congestion. Schiphol airport is easy for waiting. Got on the next plane which was delayed one hour on the side of the runway but all in all I got to the meeting just in time.

Talked some, taped some. A bad guy in a bigger film. A small job. I don't need it but with the SAG strike on the horizon. We'll see. They first have to decide if they want me. Sir A. Hopkins would be in it too. Always hoped to work with him.

Tried to call agents to find the number of a friend I had lost sight of. Not successful.
Check in hotel. Go to the website. Check mail. Then I get the call. My friend. She has no time. Is doing a play. When does it start. I can make it. Get me a ticket. She is a good actress. Better than the play. We drink 1 malt and 2 vodkas and have a good thing going catching up. And around 12 I am more than falling apart as I fold my curtains.
Eventful and nice day.


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