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South Africa, March 13, 2010

The shoot on 'Black Butterflies' is going fast, furious and well. I think we did some good stuff. The SA crew is so good and they work up a storm.

Love the work on this very very dark character and cruel father. Not an easy man to love. Lol. Father & daughter are the prisoners of their own mind. Hard to find a balance. The humour or the spark.

Love working with Carice and the director. They have such a different approach. And I must meet them in the middle. And I do.

Had a ton of problems with cellphones and internet and fax. Normal for me of course after I land every time and it beats working in an office. Lol. And when I lose connections for long many things get delayed.

Today is off. I ride around on a Gold Wing I found. I may see some friends and have some good chats.


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