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London, March 25, 2004

I am staying in the London hotel that I really like. Appartmenthotel. Service is great. They know our biz. Some of you may recall my bathtub adventures. The livingroom is like a home. This time I have one at street level and it's almost like as if I lived here. Classy decorations and furniture. The cables, connections & plugs have been sorted out. Stuff's organized. I spent days to clean up the pc as well. Later at night I get company. Walt D would have enjoyed. Along the edge of the carpet is a mouse who's checking out the new tenant. After having taken a good look minnie/mickey does a quick 180° and disappears. I'm wondering what pissed her/him off but over the next three days I get other encounters. Just like this. Show up, look, think and gone.Maybe he's on his way to the kitchen. But that's one lower floor.

All week the hours were spent in the excited "acting the part" fashion last few days. The cameo has a good solid structure but lacks character and I was able to drift to a horizon I saw in the back of my head because the director pushed me to explore and go there. Which is always exciting & scary. Exciting because you are allowd to go there and scary because your are not that secure. I found the "key" to my position/part at the end of the second day. That is so great as well. It's one of the things I enjoy with vigour. "The key" is all you need, after that it is about balance and refinement. Big,sensational grand sets. Moody, art deco, impressive.

Art department worked miracles for the great visual richness. Had some smirkyness going with Christian Bale. We have one big problem that occurs. Noise. It interferes. It seems to be coming from a natural cause and I'm not talking about rain/hail/or broken limbs. We are inside. On the studio sound stage in Shepperton. It's a beautiful day outside. About to become spring here. That's what it is. We'd try shooting with the noise but the sound department has problems. It's too loud. Seems to come from high up somewhere. Stage-hands climb up to the ceiling, between cables, lights and set-pieces. I turns out that way above us, under the same roof, pigeons are having a little foreplay. This can stretch into days as thousands of dollars keep "flying" away. One of the boys figures that a blast of the loud heaters may bring a momentary halt in "loverslane". At least long enough to get a few takes! We try and finally we get what we need in the can. The pigeons may have heard the producers prayers.

When I go to bed, exhausted, that night and have shut off the lights there is a new noise in the room. How to discribe it. Not like the pigeons. More like champagne corks in a boxing match. X rated. I figure it out. It's almost spring. Minnie and Mickey have decided that my bedroom is the best place to make more mice. I won't tell anyone. Not. Now I have a few weeks off....


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