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Johannesburg, March 2, 2007

Today's another grand day with great schemes and promises. We in the creative team tried a reading of our script earlier this week but abandoned that idea because rewrites are still being done and very few made sense. Now, only a few days later we did the read. It is good now. Full of life and hopeful and promising.

Then I went over to the studios in town. Worked with Fiona who is a lovely fast practial swiftly organized dialogue coach. I need to shave some of my "American" tongue because it fits the part. Loved it. Loved that and her. Then I spent a gentle hour on costume fitting there which seemed on the dot ok. After that I bought a tiny dig cam. Must have some pics. And decided to pass by the HD (Harley Davidson) store to see what could be gotten there and when. They were miserably booked out. I could only rent a bike for this weekend. I am working Saturday but got it of course. Must do what man does. Play with toys lol. Rode hotelhome in massive Friday afternoon traffic and the bike got nasty hot there. Ouch. Don't touch. Was funfun broombroom.

Two things I need to mention.

Some people think animals don't have feelings. Or some animals do and some don't. I have seen, met and experienced many animals while traveling. And I don't mean people versions. And yes the 2 elephants roaming on the farm impress not just because of their size but also by the way they "regard" you. It immediately made me think of the eyes of the whales I encountered in Canada, Grand Manan, Capetown and off the coast of California. There is one hippopotamus on the farm as well. These animals carry a lot of weight and they do prefer water over land. And on land - we were told - this here one would hardly go there in the day. On our third game outing which was 2 days ago we ran into all the animals several times which is just rare. And I was so hyped I forgot the little scene with the hippo. He was on land in a small clearing. Standing there. Somewhat clumsy. And he was 20ft away from the cows that were grazing. Of course he looked out of place. He seemed that way because he was just keeping a certain distance steady between the cows. The cows were eyeballing the hippo like, "What the hell do you think you are doing?". The hippo standing on one foot or the other. Our guide told us this was unusual and that we were lucky. She also told us that the hippo had been raised together with a buffalo. She figured the cows made the hippo remember his mate when he was younger. Suddenly one of the cows had enough and bucked towards the hippo. It scared him and picture him quick as mickey mouse jump in the water. 2 seconds. And 2 tons. SPLASH. He surfaced and turned around.20ft away again. And stared again from a safer and lonelier place. And stayed that way as we got back on the jeep and left.

The other thing was
that we passed a natural well. It was in the woods. Down rocks and boulders some 100ft. One 5ft natural hole like a bathtub in the middle. Where water begins and rivers start. It was so forever pure and untouched and earthy and primal. Almost like the heart of a vulcano. Mother earth offering its most delicious good. HO.
They call it "THE EYES OF THE SPRING". In very humble awe.


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