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Malaga, March 6, 2005

8:30pm. After signing hundreds of autographs to the people who were standing in line before the evening started I met up with B who is a friend of mine living near Malaga and who had joined me last year on the shoot of 'STARFISH TANGO'. He had some edited footage that I could see. There we were in a 600 seat cinema watching it before the final celebration of the 'CINEMA FANTASTIC' would start. Little footsteps like this. So unusual and yet so much home to me now.

Without me knowing, the evening was a fundraiser for my AIDS efforts. Anyway. They had opened the festival a few days earlier with a show that had the theme of JULES VERNE's dreams of the future and this evening a special screening of 'BLADE RUNNER' was part of it as well as the audience supporting my years as a working actor and welcoming 'THE ROOM' with a fantastic applause to support my directing debut.

It was just the ultimate best evening. A bladerunnerish fashion started it off. 'THE ROOM' was screened on a massive screen. I was presented with a cartoonlike portrait of "ROY" taken from a moment in the film where Pris says: 'Then we will all die'. And Roy says: "No we won't".
I was given an award by the town's University. Then we had a Q & A with a 500 plus sitting and standing audience. The translation was done by a professor of the University and tended to sometimes be on the "safer and more decent" side. Lol. But it all went over in a very pleasant way. Despite the Spanish being somewhat rough to cope with. I am so thankful for having had some Latin in school which helped me to follow things even when not always translated.

As a filmmaker it just does not get any better. And the moment is not lost to me. Almost 25yrs after BR saw the light in the theatre here I was. Looking the new audience in the eye. Being eaten alive almost without hesitation. Ecstatic and a little on the tired side I move into my plane. Sigh.

Goodbye Malaga and thank you for being so warm and generous.

And thank you Juan Manuel for your wholehearted opening speech and your knowing guidance into this community. Forever appreciated.


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