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On the Dutch roads, March 2005

March 2, 2005
Got up at 6am to get stuff in the car and travel to Malaga. No way Jose. More than 2 ft of snow and no way the car would do anything else than stay. Beautiful. Reorganize trip. The country has not seen this amount of snow in 50yrs. Deerfeet all over the grounds. At the end of the day I find a way to plow through to Amsterdam. Since thousands of people never went to work the drive was quiet and slippery. Liked it a lot. 2morrow will catch a plane to Paris as Aadrid has more snow as well and then change planes to Malaga. Fingers crossing....

March 3, 2005
Well. More snow here and somewhat of a mess everywhere. A boring and simple hamburger took 90 min to arrive last night. Today things are different. A flight to Paris is my only possibillity to get to Malaga today. As I find the hundreds and hundreds of stuck people with grey faces waiting in terribly long lines I see hopes diminishing. I try and find one single Klm employee to ask one question. I find a luggage guy who finds one for me. This man finds me another and I get lucky and although flight is delayed I get checked in. 15 min later I find a sneaky way to get through passport control. There are several different entries. One needs to get to the one that does not have all passengers waiting. Once I am in airport I check into the Klm lounge and hear that Paris is snowed in. What to do. Now I need my luggage back, don't I ? The desk people are not sure how long that will take. The VIP service of this big company maybe. I must say I hadrly ever call them for help. They hardly pick up the phone anyway. Sometimes I get lucky with them. The odd thing is that if you need their help you need to reserve that privilege days ahead of time. People who work there are nice but few. Oi.

March 3, 2005
So I passed Customs again going the other way. Coming home so to speak. Looking at the coveyor belt going round and round. Well. After an hour that got old. Thing is noone ever looks you in the eye .Asking any of the busy personnel one simple question feels like committing a crime. I am stuck in the mobile phone waiting for 45 min for someone too finally answer where to get the luggage BACK. With 50,000 pieces sitting at this snowy airport it just does not surprise me mine is there too. Where else would I go? I make report and the luggage person tells me to be nice and calm while I get pissed off because it will take days and this has now been going on for a few ************************. I drive back 2hrs to get some clothes and figure what else can be done. The cold is getting intense but the roads are clean.

March 4, 2005
0530 up and running. Fog is on the road. I will make another attempt. Without luggage because that is still in the bowels of Schiphol airport. The car-radio does not work because its battery had been low. Can't listen to news. Travelling alright with caution. Supposed to fly at 935. More people in line. VIP service takes me through this time. But flight delayed till 1045. Will miss connecting flight in Barcelona but will try a later flight which seems to be fully booked. wellwellwelll. The adventure continues......

March 4, 2005
-17C it was in Holland as I did get to take off just as I thought one more delay and I'm calling it quits. Then I got on a flight and landed in Barcelona where the plane I thought I had missed was delayed and was still there. 2 stupid Iberia bunnies would not allow me onboard in biz class because they had no meal and I said don't be stupid pls just put me in economy. Oi. That was done and on I went and landed by the end of the day. Met up with a good old friend who I love but never see and we had cake. I leave dinner for another time. Too wasted. ZZZZzzzzzzz


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