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Lisbon, May 7, 2004

Flew into Lisbon from Amsterdam this morning. And it will be my first visit here and also incredibly short. Tomorrow I work on a cool & funny commercial for GUINNESS after a long pause of like 8yrs. It will be really exciting as well as interesting to see if I can deliver what they feel they need. Of course I think so but we'll see. Sunday I will either fly to Luxembourg or Milano depending on flight availabillity and people I'd like to meet. Both lightning trips are interesting. Just waiting to hear.
Although I was in A'dam and the same hotel as George C we missed each other by a hair. He started shooting on' OCEAN TWELVE' but at night and I arrived just before he left. A hysterical casino in front of the hotel. As I drove up from my trip out of London I saw hundreds of fans/photographers. I was in my shabby driving outfit and just drove 8hrs. Not the best way to present onself to the spectating world. I called the hotel and drove around the block. It so happened that I ended up on a very quiet backlot on one side of a Dutch canal. I was about a hundred yards away from the crowd and they were looking the other way. Hotel asked where I was. I told them and I also saw an iron gate which gave access to the hotel on the side. I told them. They said that iron gate was not supposed to be open. I said: it is so meet me there, I'm coming in now. I left my car and went in as soon as I saw the manager waving. Lol.

At the front desk I bump into Matt Damon who smiles. I wait till I get my luggage and fresh up as a happy camper in a very nice room. They always give me the room there from which I can see the "Magere Brug" where I used to live when I was growing up. It is so beautiful there at the Amstel river. As sunset sets in and George disappears to go to work - on his b'day - a nightingale decides to serenade me on the windowsill. The city is coloured by a reddish sky. Later I meet up with a few friends and have a warm and nice dinner. What a life...


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